The download of eyetv 4 doesen't works

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I have purchased eyetv 4 but the download link doesen'work how can ido to resolve the problem?

nvoice SSN22030100007 for order 126981

Hi Alessio,

We have finished processing your order.


Product Expires Download
eyetv 4 (64-bit) macOS [Digital] Never eyetv 4 (macOS 10.14 or higher)

[Order #126981] (1. March 2022)

Product Quantity Price
Subtotal:  30,71
Payment method: PayPal
Total:  30,71 
Includes  5,54 VAT (22%)
eyetv 4 (64-bit) macOS (delivery time: no delivery time (e.g. download))  1  30,71 
Includes  5,54 VAT (22%) 

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Eye TV 4 simply does not work with Monterey Mac OS.

Support has not responded at all.

I would not recommend this software or this company anymore. It has previously been good. I have been a user for over 15 years.

Complete waste of money after I upgraded it.

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tested your link, same the link is an old version : EyeTV4.0.0_8517_2.dmg

the link provided by fissionbomb is working version 8527

with my device Eyetv diversity only version 8519 is working with other version there is a lot of stuttering and dropped frames 

there is more version here

version 8519 I have found it on my backup HDD

Edited by Eric C

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