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I recently purchased EyeTV 4 and while it does have many issues I have developed a way to record and export the videos. I use SHOTCUT video editing software which is free and open source. They even have an Apple Silicon version that is VERY fast on my Mac Studio. I open the saved eyetv video file (right-click and show package) and drag the largest file (which is the actual video) into the open Shotcut window. With only a few tools you can edit the commercials out of the video and export to a *.mp4 file. With Apple Silicon support it is able to export very quickly and make much smaller files then I used to make with my old TURBOHD.264 USB stick. If anyone needs help getting it to work just reply back and ask. As far as any other work-a-rounds for the many bugs, please let me know what you have discovered.  Thanks,

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