Brian Coleman

Eyetv4 "All channels" change problem now solved for multiple satellites, with a 'workaround'.

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As already notified, using the newest eyetv4 version 8526 (unable to get listed 8537!!) on Mac Monterey  OS 12.5.1, after scanning astra 19.2, I selected entries from the All Channels list and put them into a favorites list. 
I then scanned Astra 28.2. However the  All Channels list still contained only the previous Astra 19 programs. There seemed to be no way to access the 28.2. channels. Very frustrating for those whose have multiple satellite transponders. 


First select all existing All Channels programs and save them to a favorites list e.g.19A 

Then click Select Devices—Tuning—Satellite Setup and set all Satellites to "Not Used" except the new one to be scanned.

Note: Maybe the Eytev Setup Assistent needs to be then called up. This does not delete already generated Favorites lists.

Then scan and choose new channels from the now new All Channels list saving them into a new favorites list e.g. 28A.

After that again  Select Devices—Tuning—Satellite Setup and change all other available satellites back to their original setting.

No need to rescan.

In the same way new All Channels lists can then be used to make further favorite lists.

In would be good if Geniatech could rectify this purely software bug. 
By the way, apart from occasional crashes when changing from one favorites list to another, Eyetv4 works ok under Monterey 12.5.1 on my Mac Pro (late 2013)..

Brian Coleman

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