eyetv 4 on Mac Catalina with Export Function to Apple TV

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On 4/18/2020 at 11:04 PM, Tim99 said:

I have the same problem of jitters and jumps with HD channels - Have restored to January version which is OK.

Exporting often fails on large files, sound is exported, video is not.

The editing function is still very hit and miss, seems to corrupt file when removing material at start of recording. My new way of working is;-

Right-Click on the recording , choose "Show Package Contents"; Copy the *****.ts file; then open the copied *****.ts file and open it with Quicktime. Then I edit it with the QuickTime using the "Trim..." (⌘T) and "Split Clip" (⌘Y) functions. Then "Export As ►"  (Choose 1080p/720p or 480p..) It exports as a Quicktime *****.mov   Then I Quit QuickTime. Yes this is complicated, but it seems to be the only way I can reliably export and edit. The *****.mov file can then be played directly or imported into Applles' "TV" program.

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But how do I export the recordings to my iTunes library? Or AppleTV on Catalina machines? I have only option to convert manually to avi or mpg files. But even if I try to put the exported recordings to my iTunes it not gonna work.
with 3.x.x it was all automatically, recorded, exported after and imported to iTunes.. why is that not longer possible? 

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