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    Wow! I am a little bit stunned. And happy. And a little bit angry. If you guys just would have said one word, all this bit**ing around in the forums never had escalated. I never understand why companies do not talk to their customers. Well... But I am glad EyeTv4 is happening. And thanks for using my flat theme I posted on Deviant-art a few years ago. (or is it just coincidence that it looks exactly the same :)) )
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    I installed 7528 over the weekend, and made the following observations to pass on. Up to this point I have kept our version at 7520, because later versions did not recognize our HDHomeRun. Some of these may not be news to you if you have installed versions after 7520: 7528 installed and worked fine, picking up all existing recordings and schedules. (After TV Guide stopped working, we have been scheduling using TitanTV because it was not that much of a hassle, and could be done from any of our devices with a web browser.) 7528 recognizes our HDHomeRun again. While others in this thread have also noticed this, it doesn't seem to be mentioned in any release notes, so I'm wary that it might not be officially/permanently supported. But at least there is now a build that we can use as long as we don't need the Mac to go beyond macOS 10.14 (since 10.15 won't run 32-bit applications). That means we can keep using this version of EyeTV at least until 10.14 stops getting security updates, which might be in 2022. So, another 3 years of service at least. Of course, this is a moot point if Geniatech issues a 64-bit update of EyeTV. We are in the USA. Now that the TV Guide subscription is available again, I paid to subscribe for another year. Price went up from $20 to $30 a year, not happy about a 33% price increase. But it works again. I ran a channel rescan. At the end it puts up the dialog box where you enter your zip code and choose how you get your TV (I choose OTA broadcast). At this point 7528 would either crash, or hang with the rainbow pinwheel of death. I had two zip codes entered; testing revealed that it crashed if I left it that way, but no longer crashed if I deleted the second zip code so that there was only one ZIP code in there. I had to go into Channels view and make sure all channels were set to EyeTVEPGPremium-USA, because they had lost their program guide setting after TV Guide went down. The easiest way to do this is Select All first, then change one and all selected channels update. The left column of 7528 includes the EyeTV Plus service. This is not available in the USA, so it was just taking up space. It turns out you can disable EyeTV Plus in Preferences, so that disappears from the left column. All in all I'm relieved that we no longer have to consider an alternative OTA recorder for our old faithful Mac mini. (I do have Plex but it has its own issues.) We'll just keep cranking along with EyeTV. While I thank Geniatech for this update, I am not happy about how it happened because after TV Guide became unavailable and HDHomeRun support was dropped, communication with customers was handled very badly. They need to work on this.
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    EyeTV 3 Version 7528 was released this morning (US time), announced by e-mail message by Angela Wu. So I started a new thread on this version since other active threads are long. Let's use this thread to report experiences / problems with the new release. I downloaded it, installed on my non-media center Mac to determine software type. It is 32-bit, so it is obsolete in 2 months when Catalina (Mac OS 10.15) comes out in September or October, since it will no longer support 32-bit applications. Since I have a working version (7524) on my Media Center mac, using XMLTVListings (which is apparently $10/month cheaper than the new TV Guide), I don't see the point in installing the new version and don't plan to. I noticed that simultaneously the number of recordings in EyeTV Plus in my working version (7524) suddenly dropped from around 50,000 or so to zero yesterday. There is now a signup screen (which I didn't use) for EyeTV Plus, though the "Access Prohibited" message behind it is still in German. What have been your experiences with version 7528, those who have installed it? I gather it DOES reinstate support for HD HomeRun (I am still using an EyeTV Hybrid).
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    Many thanks for the useful updates! When I get time (a week?), I'll update the instructional PDF for using xmltvlistings.com as the EyeTV EPG source and repost it here.
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    With TV Guide I noticed the New tag was not very reliable but the Repeat tag was. With SchedulesDirect they don't seem to use the New tag at all only the Repeat tag. What you need to do is set Repeat to false instead of New to true in you smart guide. I have been doing this for years and have been very satisfied with the results.
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    Also, for anyone having trouble posting here: I had to use a mail.com recommendation I saw in another thread because the forum software wouldn't send a verification email to comcast.net, and support wouldn't respond (no, it wasn't in my spam folder). The person making the recommendation said verification emails don't go out to a host of domains. I needed the logon because besides not being able to post, you can't download the file attachments, like the xmltvlistings.com instructions found on page 16.
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    Downloaded and installed EyeTV 3.6.9 (version 7528) on two Minis running OSX Sierra (10.12.6). Both successfully downloaded and populated TV listings for the upcoming two weeks. Both have also scheduled, recorded, and played back chosen programming successfully. So, all is as it was prior to February of this year when the software's TV Guide service quit working. I did not receive any notification from Angela that there was now a new working version of the software. Fortunately I was able to find that out here. Thanks to all...
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    These old discussion threads are now quite long, making current topics hard to find. So I just started a new topic under Discussions "EyeTV 3 Version 7528 release Experiences" so we can focus discussion of the new version there and make it easier for people to find. Thank you.
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    These old discussion threads are now quite long, making current topics hard to find. So I just started a new topic under Discussions "EyeTV 3 Version 7528 release Experiences" so we can focus discussion of the new version there and make it easier for people to find. Thank you.
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    Re: ^. Sorry, wish Forum software let you edit previous posts, but it doesn't. Here's the attachment with a minor correction in a note on Step 2. XMLTVListings EPG with EyeTV-Guide.pdf