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  1. We are fixing it. We will inform you when the new app is available.
  2. The public beta version will be released soon. By then, you can download it from our website.
  3. @all, please download new version(2.83) from App Store.
  4. The problem has been reproduced on our side. We are fixing it.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. All the feedback have been passed on to our RD centre. We will keep you updated.
  6. EyeTV 64 bit version is at the stage of beta testing. For more information, please visit this thread.
  7. Which version are you testing? What version is your operating system. Which tuner do you use? Could you please send us the feedback by email in order that we can follow up this case? Email:
  8. Please send a ticket to them.
  9. @all, sorry for the inconvenience. Geniatech takes this issue with great care. Our technicians are working on it. It will take a few days more. We will inform you once it is fixed.