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  1. To whom it may concern, Due to unforseen outage and changes in our given data cloudstructure, we are forced to release adapted new version of Eyetv 4 (64-bit) and Eyetv 3 (32-bit) to compensate. Eyetv 4 (64-bit) Version 4.0.0 (8526) is released in early July 2021 Eyetv 3 (64-bit) Version 3.6.9 (753x) will be released in the mid/end July 2021 We will inform proactively here or at the support website.
  2. Which app? We have several app, eyetv app, netsream app, sat>ip app etc. Please send tickets with detailed description of your problem to us:
  3. We are fixing it. We will inform you when the new app is available.
  4. @all, please download new version(2.83) from App Store.
  5. The problem has been reproduced on our side. We are fixing it.
  6. EyeTV 64 bit version is at the stage of beta testing. For more information, please visit this thread.
  7. @all, sorry for the inconvenience. Geniatech takes this issue with great care. Our technicians are working on it. It will take a few days more. We will inform you once it is fixed.
  8. Why do you so mean? Simply because my view is not the same as yours? I can't believe that what the kind of person you are to offend people who just want to express their own ideas. When I entercountered the problem and looked for help, it was Geniatech providing me with service (For example, they offered the updates of eyetv 3 software and development of the new eyetv 4 windows software )and support instead of others. I did not initiatively choose them either, but no matter if you choose them or you have no choice but to wait, they did not stop resolving the problem-At least for me. Again, I express my own idea. Eyetv 4 windows has already been released, it supports the following tuners for now. You also can visit their website: Eyetv T2 lite Windows Edition DVB-T/T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 lite Mac/Windows DVB-T/T2 HD HEVC Eyetv T2 Hybrid DVB-T/T2 HD HEVC + DVB-C (cable television) Eyetv Hybrid DVB-T + DVB-C (cable television) Eyetv Netstream 4C DVB-C (cable television) Eyetv Netstream 4Sat DVB-S/S2
  9. Updates: The problem did not happen during my sevral tests.
  10. I don't know the TV things. But Geniatech has announced they will be ready, they will. Please trust them. Their customes are all over the world. Why do they take risks to lose them? Now that you choose them, please just give a little faith of them.
  11. Geniatech is working on a 64 Bit Mac Version for Eyetv 3, which will be ready in time.
  12. I will help to test. For confimation: 1. did you test it with eyetv software(7524)? 2. Which hardware/product did you test it on? Eyetv Netstream 4Sat?
  13. The latest version is eyetv 3.6.9(7524). Why do you want to download EyeTV 3.5.3?