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    No firmware update

    I bet the easiest way to update the netstream4c is by opening it's webserver-page (http://<ip-address-of-the-netstream4c>) and click the update button there.
  2. Yes please!!! Would it be possible to post the script here??? Thanks a lot!
  3. I've got version 402 running now, thanks. Will see if my problems are solved now. I will remove the temporary email-address (as published above).
  4. Would it be possible for someone to mail me the 7412 or 7416 version of the Mac application? I have many versions in my backup but no 7412/7416 that it seems I need to update my Netstream 4c, which now has installed. Please help... I'm desparate!!! my email (published here, just to speed up things):
  5. I've been running a debug version of EyeTV 3.6.9 (7524) since long, hoping that I could provide enough debug-data for Geniatech to fix the problems I have with it. Today I was going to install the macOS 10.15 beta but when the installer 'told me' I would no longer be able to run EyeTV I cancelled the installation. I am now wondering: How do I continue?