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  1. Hello all, I have an EyeTv Hybrid, which has worked well for years. I recently upgraded to EyeTv 4 because my MacOS required it. (rediculous) Anyways, the EyeTv software seems alright so far, but I have no Remote like I did in EyeTv3. And more importantly.... EyeTv crashes whenever I try to switch video inputs to the Composite or S-video. Help?
  2. Mine Crashes whenever I switch video inputs to Composite or S-video, instead of the antenna input. (This is for my EyeTv Hybrid) I'm not even trying to record yet.
  3. EyeTv 4 is for Big Sur. However, I would not buy it. I just did, and it has crashing issues. Let them fix it first. If you're smart with hard drive partitions or external drives, it's relatively easy to install an old version of MacOS there, and use it to run your original Eye Tv software.