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  1. Thanks for the information, guys. After a manual update, listings for both SD and HD channels are displayed correctly (Germany) until Jan 16.
  2. Geniatech ... are you still with us??? It's been over five days now since the problem has been reported here. Everybody is desperately waiting for a solution - or at least a sign of life from your side. Wouldn't it be a good idea to respond to our postings (or check your Twitter messages and reply to them) instead of leaving everybody hanging in limbo??
  3. Called Geniatech this morning. Waiting for them to ring back...
  4. Hopefully they won't extend their New Year's holidays through Monday making use of this week's three bridging days...
  5. No changes as of Jan 1st 7 pm German time. Geniatech support team doesn't respond. No reply to my Twitter message either. Temporarily switching to DVB EPG seems to be the only workaround at this time. Oh ... BTW - Happy New Year everybody (regardless).