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  1. Thanks to Kristof from GTESALES@geniatech.com for your help!
  2. Hello, I have exactly the same problem since I bought a new apple silicon Mac : my licence key became invalide. I sent multiple emails since two months and I did not get any reply from services@eu-geniatech.com and GTEsales@geniatech.com Do you know any other way to reach them ? I live in France. It's very anoying.
  3. Hello, The 13th of January 2022, I bought an EyeTV 4 macOS licence to use with my Eye TV DTT Deluxe after upgrading my 2017 iMac from Mojave to Monterey. It works, sound is fine, but there are continus picture glitches, so it's almost unusable/unwatchable. It works fine with EyeTV 3 on the same antenna. Please help, because nobody answered to my technical support message.