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  1. Where do I get Activation Keys for the Release Candidate? The existing keys doesn't seem to work
  2. Just wondering - do you see all 4 tuners on the EyeTV3 software on your pre-Catalina Macs?
  3. Do you mean there are two apps on the Macbook that maybe generating audio? If so, I've got nothing else open on the Macbook that has sound out, so that's not the case. It's just streaming to a set of BT wireless ear buds. It's actually not the audio that's stuttering, it's the playback of on the EyeTV that hangs every 10 secs, resumes, then hangs again etc.
  4. Hi everyone, Testing on a 2018 Quad Core 13" Macbook Pro. Seeing EyeTV b9 using about 44% CPU. Having stuttering problem when playing back the audio via Bluetooth wireless ear buds. When I switch audio to the laptop speakers, the stuttering goes away. It would seem that the EyeTV has some issues with syncing issues with the BT modules. Anyone else seeing a problem with playing audio through Bluetooth?
  5. I got 7528 working in a 10.14.6 guest os on a 10.14.6 host using parallels. But when trying to run the VM on 10.15, 7528 crashes after startup when playing a channel. I couldn’t get virtualbox to work, 7528 loads but no sound and huge lag on a 10.13 guest os on 10.14.6 host. love to hear how VMware goes.
  6. Hey Rick - what virtualisation platform are you thinking of using?