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  1. Ouch! But, Timo, in the second post of this thread, said that even if EyeTV Sat is theoretically unsupported in fact it works with EyeTV 4. But is unclear about CI slot, EyeTV 4 support some CI card? Eventually Terratec/Hauppage CI USB? In the EyeTV 4 Menu bar, in the View menu, there is an entry about Common Interface? Thanks for replying. 🙏🙏
  2. Hi to everyone. Any confirm about CI CAM fully functional on EyeTV4? I would like to use it (or eventually Terratec/Hauppage CI USB) to decode locally a SAT>IP stream from Netstream4Sat or any other compatible SAT>IP server (maybe Digibit Twin?). Thanks in advance.