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  1. Well, this will frustrate you, but I'm seeing the current program listings in the iPhone app under Guide; and the Live TV list shows the current (and next) programs for each channel in the list. I can play Live TV on my iPhone. I didn't do anything with the iPhone app to make this happen. In the EyeTV software Preferences/iPhone panel, I still have both checkboxes checked. ------------------------------------------- You're right, it will frustrate me. LOL. I have no current program listings under either the guide or Live TV lists - essentially no program data at all. I can play live TV and I can see my channels and my channel listings from Schedules Direct (the xmltv names of the channels). In the preferences pane - EyeTV for iPhone/iPad both the "Enable access from EyeTV for iPhone/iPad" and "Use My EyeTV" is checked and I have a green "My EyeTV: Working Properly". I beg to differ. I'm running Eye TV 3.6.9 (7520) with 2 HomeRunHD tuners and my iPhone Version of the EyeTV app is 2.1.7 (861). I find it interesting in the copyright on the iPhone App it says "Copryight 2016-2020 ShenZhen Geniatech Inc. Ltd." I'm running iOS 11.4.1. Does the iPhone need to connect to the computer by dock to populate the listings or is it a time of day that this activity happens? Many thanks!
  2. Another question . . . . So we figured out how to populate our EPG on our computers. How come this information from Schedules Direct doesn't move down to our Eye TV apps on our Iphones? In the Eye TV App, every single channel says "no data" under the heading of guide. Many thanks in advance!
  3. That absolutely worked. Thank you! First time - run in terminal. 2nd time and beyond - use an automated script. Many thanks!
  4. VideoButcher, Did you first make an .xml file with the -T tag? Try trashing the .xml and .dat file then rerun with eh -J tag. It is also difficult to tell but do you have a space between the "-" and the "J"? Make sure there is no space. ---------------------------------- Well, I did as you said and trashed both the .xml and .dat file. Now the script has been running for 30 minutes with no end in sight (automator says its running, but I've got no progress bar). It hasn't recreated the files I trashed. Do I need to delete the channel lineup in schedules direct? There was a space and fixed it between the J and the dash. Many thanks in advance! cd ~ cd scripts ./mc2xml -J username:password -c us -g zipcode# open -a EyeTV xmltv.xml
  5. Wow! Thank you so much to everyone for the their expertise for this fix. Eye TV without TV guide is an awful way to live! I've bombed Genitech with support requests and have gotten radio silence. They're either being sued, going-out-of-business, or ditching their North American market. I do have a couple of questions and I apologize in advance that I am not as smart as you guys are. Please bear with me. FYI. I'm running a dual boot system 10.8.5 and 10.12.6 in OSX. Eye TV 3.6.9 (7520) with 2 HDHomeRun Tuners. 1. I would like to get the seasons/episodes as well from Schedules Direct but running: ./mc2xml - J username:password -c us -g zipcode# doesn't get me that. Schedules Direct seems to hint that you don't need to select a lineup for your "program" if you use the SD-JSON service. I do have a selected lineup. I've got all the channels I set at xmltv in Eye TV. What am I missing? I've cleared the EPG before putting in new listings that hopefully show episodes/seasons, but still nothing. Any suggestions? Things to try? 2. Finally, I did play with Plex and while it might be a great solution in the future, it seems to lack editing and exporting functions right now (in addition to clunky playback while a show is recording). The remove commercials as the show records function almost works (you get some residue). It only liked one of my 2 HomeRun HDs, even after firmware upgrading both. In addition it saves as MPEG 2 transport streams locally. Is there a way to import those MPEG 2 Transport Streams into EyeTV without holding down the command key and doing a real-time import when you select "Open Quicktime File" - waiting the length of your recorded program just so you can use it in the Eye TV editor? I did see that you could edit and convert the PLEX MPEG 2 transport streams fairly quick in Adobe Premiere and export (to Apple TV, IPhone, etc.) through Adobe Media Encoder too. Thanks for all the great help! You guys are awesome!
  6. One other potential fix - I did do an uninstall (through EyeTV Reporter 3) and a reinstall of EyeTV 3.6.8 and nothing changed. Problem still exists.
  7. Thank you for the response! Using the right-click menu still saves exported files to two places on my computer. This feature has worked in the past. I'm hoping to use it again for batch exporting from Eye TV. My iTunes library is on a separate hard drive, fyi. Is there something that dictates where EyeTV exports are saved and how do I change that? Does EyeTV look at iTunes for direction? Many thanks!
  8. I'm running Eye TV 3.6.9 and every time I click on the Apple TV icon above my recordings, it saves the converted Apple TV file to both my iTunes Music Folder and the "Movies" folder under my username on my boot drive. I only want the file saved to the iTunes Music Folder. How do I stop this "double save/export" from happening? Many thanks in advance!