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  1. wgstarks

    EyeTV 4

    I think you would need to ask that question of EyeTV Support.
  2. wgstarks

    Eyetv's live video breaks hauppauge hd pvr

    Every time I have had a problem with my PVR it has actually been the power supply. I don't have any way you can confirm this with yours, but you may want to try just replacing the power supply first if the PVR isn't still under warranty. http://www.hauppauge.com/site/webstore2/webstore_hdpvr_power-supply.html
  3. wgstarks

    Eyetv's live video breaks hauppauge hd pvr

    How have you narrowed the problem to EyeTV? Does EyeTV also crash when the PVR is not connected?
  4. wgstarks

    Using two Macs to view recordings over LAN

    If you have EyeTV installed on both Macs you can. Just share the EyeTV Archive folder on Mac A and set the same folder for the EyeTV Archive on Mac B.
  5. wgstarks

    How do I keep EyeTV from contantly starting up?

    Have you tried removing EyeTV.app and EyeTV Helper from Login Items in System Prefs? System Preferences>Users&Groups>Login Items. I haven't tried this but I think it should work. This will probably disable any scheduled recordings though. If you just want to not open any windows you can check the "Hide" option in login items.
  6. wgstarks

    EyeTV3 sends two channels

    I've just started using iRed2 with my EyeTV3 to change channels on my set top box. When EyeTV changes the channel it sends the current channel followed by the new channel being requested. Of course this totally screws up what's registered by the STB and I get a completely different channel. I've been able to work around this by setting iRed2 to send 3 digits followed by "Enter". This results in two channel changes on the STB, but the second channel is the one needed so as long as I only use 3 digit channels everything is good. If I want to record from a 2 or 4 digit channel I have to do everything manually. How can I configure EyeTV3 to stop sending the current channel when it requests a change of channels?