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  1. since Sep not even a response from Geniatech team. Shame on you. Again: Netstream4 Sat is not working on TVOS13 correctly ! We can put some comments, dislikes in Amazon, Facebook if it helps to get more attention .
  2. I found in my office an AppleTV that is still on IOS 12 and changed this with my AppleTV. Now I can watch TV again. Very sad. Downgrading to IOS12 is not possible anymore.
  3. I noticed that the AppleTV has been removed as supported device from the website. We kindly ask you to tell us if there is a chance to get an update on the TVOS app somethimes?
  4. Please update! We can´t use our hardware anymore correctly. The Netstream receiver was not a low price product.
  5. Again : TVOS 13 Apple TV has the same issues with non HD channels. TV picture shows the the same effects like the initial post. I already asked the support team but did not receive a response. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your response. I‘m referring to TVOS 13 4sat
  7. Hello Angela! Would be very kind to know what you are going to fix. Is this a reply to the missing Sat setup? We would really appreciate to hear something about the compatibility IOS 13 issue. Are you working on it?