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  1. I use two apps: Serve to Me and partner app Stream to Me (adding the EyeTV Archive folder to the Serve to Me Server list allows people to scroll through the mpeg folders it contains). The alternative is exporting all of the EyeTV recorded files as MPEG streams which allows Stream to Me and VLC to see and play the files as well.
  2. There has been a repetition of Apple Mac hardware changes all Mac developers are forced to comply with for their continuance of serving a niche audience. Apple do provide neat tools to aid development transitions, but too few developers truly comprehend the amount of additional work required to get their app/s running flawlessly. Usually we all wind up with ugly, needlessly bloated operating systems which require significantly more RAM when running the same apps which are now ten times bulkier with themselves grabbing more RAM than they were prior to the end life for whichever CPU/GPU Apple gives the elbow. This appallingly abusive business practice by Apple is why Mac owners are expected to pay considerably more for hardware and the almost identical apps which run on other operating systems.
  3. Hey guys, for some years EyeTV and Mac OS iterations have been engaged in an tragically observable path of slow motion destruction... If at all possible, stick to EyeTV 3 and forget about Geniatech's disastrous attempts at trying to create a stable, full-featured 64bit version of EyeTV (4) that will ever work properly on future Mac OS builds. Geniatech developers have none of the genius developers surviving from the days when Elgato dev's created the finest TV capture/replay app running on any Major OS: On Mac OS version 10.14.06 running Elgato EyeTV 3 version 3.6.9 (7528) is close to perfection. So good is it, I've kept one Mac mini as a dedicated household server for my entire family's multimedia files; TV and HDTV... EyeTV 3, Film... VLC, Music... iTunes, Pictures... Photoshop, etc., Geniatech and Apple have careered around on incompatible and unstable builds, and we Geniatech Guinea pig customers have been given the roughest of rides. Catalina + App and OS updates have brought nothing but disaster. If you are going to stick with EyeTV to manage your time-delayed or real-time TV watching then you'll be best served sticking to a 32Bit EyeTV 3 app and the best second-hand Mac that can run Mac OS (Mojave) to keep you in the game. Stepping outside of that combination lays a path of tortuous indignities and mountainous, cataclysmic application crash-logs.
  4. Will both EyeTV 3 or EyeTV 4 run on the new Apple M1 coprocessor?
  5. Your Mac EyeTV should be able to capture live or time-delayed TV broadcasts. Which model of Mac are you running EyeTV 4 on? Are you running in Mac OSX Catalina? What amount of Physical Memory is installed? What is size and type of data storage are you using SSD/HDD? Make sure your drive is working properly; perhaps download and run Blackmagic Disk Speed and take a look at your drive health with Apple's Disk Utility > First Aid
  6. Pardon? Geniatech were not ready to market a stable, fully-featured 64bit EyeTV app on Apple's Catalina launch date. EyeTV 4 has lost a whole host of EyeTV 3 features and bizarrely altered others. Strides have been made since the public beta testing programme and retail release. However, 4 is only just sort of working (except for "Sharing") and I worry Geniatech will decide Version 4.0.0 (8520) is just fine and ignore customer feedback for months.
  7. I had an activation code sent within 24hrs - Not sure where they are sent from but I imagine the general staff only work business hours, doubt they have more than a few support staff to answer Support requests for MacOSX, iOS, Windows and Android customers.
  8. Lionel, I am in almost 100% agreement with your observations. EyeTV3 was ultra-slick and very very close to perfect. It made every PC TV app I used on my Home-built Windows PC look feel and behave in the ugliest ways imaginable. Nothing could touch EyeTV 3 for sheer quality (it’s what Mac users have come to expect from the hardware and software we purchase). I guess EyeTV 4 is planned to be a paid-for software version update. Just so long as the current coders stick to the EyeTV3 layout and implementation we users have come to love I will not hesitate to pay for the effort Geniatech Dev’s (or are the superlative Elgato software engineers building the new 64Bit EyeTV 4?). Real gripes: Entering Editing mode and trying to use it is a hideous experience. Apart from the new Video Editor layout not looking or behaving like it did in EyeTV3, I’m saddened to see that the "Fine" option is as coarse as ever missing the optimal frame cut by several frames. This slows down editing enormously as one has to scrub back and forth with the trackpad or keyboard hoping the edit splice happens on the frame where you want it to. On replaying a captured video… Why on earth have the layout designers split the tools so we now have two time-line replay bars; one at the bottom of the video replay window and one at the top? Why divide a comparatively perfect multi-function tool interface found in EyeTV 3 which sat at the bottom of a screen into two, where we have to mouse from the top to bottom and bottom to top of our screens to achieve the functions which were logically and ergonomically kept together. I have the distinct feeling Geniatech has handed the Elgato Source Code and some TV Tuners to a couple of cheap, Asian developers more familiar with Linux or Windows rather than commission a couple of experienced Mac software developers who understand GUI guidelines and the beautiful elegance of simplicity. Still, it’s early days and Geniatech have left Beta testing right up to the release of Catalina when people such as I had been Beta testers contributing to 10.15’s development a year before Gold release. As EyeTV,s 2 and 3 have served me well for a decade or more, unless and until I launch EyeTV 4 on a 64Bit Mac running Catalina without my nerves being frazzled I will not be parting with any cash for it.