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  1. Good to know, Rod: I'm sitting here patiently waiting for good news with the same setup: same tuner, same Mac, same country (though I also have an external LG 4K monitor). But I'll wait until I am confident that the iPad and iPhone apps will work, as they did with v3.0. IF you get a chance to test the iOS functionality, that would tell me if I should buy. I am otherwise happy to wait...
  2. Agreed. Key feature for me. Won't upgrade until resolved.
  3. Following. I never use EyeTV on my Mac, but always stream to my devices. I won't upgrade until I know that it works.
  4. Odd that you expect that a jump from a major version to another, and to 64-bit architecture, comes free. In my many years of using Mac software, this is rarely the case.
  5. Are there going to be ioS apps that support this version, as with 3.6.9? If not, then this is one major consideration for me, since I rely on the apps to see program guides, to record, and to view. Thanks