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  1. Configuration: Mac mini 2012, Catalina, EyeTV Sat with Conax decoder card, two satellite dishes with 3 heads ( 5W, 0.8W, and 19,2E), DiSEqC 1.0 switch, EyeTV 4 (8520) The satellite setup is defined in the Devices->EyeTV Sat->Sevice:->Satellite Setup EyeTV 4 (8520) can switch between the heads using DiSEqC and can scan all three satellite positions as evidenced in the EyeTVAutotune logs. However, only the Astra channels at 19.2E can be shown in the All Channels pane since it is not possible to select satellites in that pane. All other channels only exist in the tuning logs. The transponder definitions for 5W in the EyeTV application->Show Package Contents->Resources->Satellites->3550.xml are for Atlantic Bird 3 which is superceded by Eutelsat 5 West B with different transponder definitions and should be updated.
  2. Here is the deleted document in line. I don't think it could possibly be considered offensive enough to be deleted. Experiences with EyeTV 4 Hardware Mac mini early 2012 and a EyeTV Sat with a CAM and a decoder card. Two satellite dishes with three heads, selectable with DiSEqC 1.0, and pointed toward Astra at 19.2 E, Thor at 0.8 W, and Eutelsat-5-West at 5 W. Software In order to avoid all interference I took an empty external APFS-formatted SSD, installed Catalina 15.2, EyeTV 4.0.0 8518 and the utilities AppCleaner (to find the EyeTV associated files) and PLIST Editor (to read the .plist and .xml files). Tests EyeTV was started, initialised and immediately stopped. No Auto-Tune performed yet, no DiSEqC command issued. There were already 43 channels on Astra preset in the ChannelList.xml, even though the Astra head was not selected. EyeTV was started again, the satellite configuration defined in the Devices -> EyeTV Sat pane and Country: set to Sweden. The first channel in the ChannelList started playing. An Auto-Tune on Thor resulted in 396 channels on 99 transponders This resulted in that the 396 channels on Thor were added to the 43 channels on Astra in the EyeTVAutoTune.log. The did not, however, turn up in the “All Channels†channel list regardless of the satellite selection in the Devices -> EyeTV Sat pane. I could, however, create a Channel Set (.eyetvloc) with the Thor channels in the Devices -> EyeTV Sat pane under the Service: menu. The Set contains detailed info on the Channels. An Auto-Tune on Astra resulted in 1138 channels on 211 transponders. I am not sure all transponders were examined, I think there used to be over 2000 channels. The 43 preset channels disappeared from the EyeTVAutoTune.log and was replaced by the list of the 1138 new channels. The “All Channels†list still only shows the Astra channels and can not be switched to show any other satellite. An Auto-Tune on what EyeTV calls Atlantic Bird 3 resulted in 0 channels on 55 transponders. The Atlantic Bird 3 has been replaced by the Eutelsat 5 West with different transponder frequencies but according to the AutoTuneScan.log it did try to scan the Atlantic Bird transponders. In the EyeTV Menu bar in the View menu there is an entry Common Interface that is greyed out. It is of interest to read the contents of the decoder card in the EyeTV Sat CAM module. Conclusions It seems that the EyeTV Sat to EyeTV app interface works as it should except perhaps for the Common Interface, even though EyeTV Sat is not listed as EyeTV 4 compatible. I would think that the rest of the problems are in the EyeTV 4 Software. The All Channel list is not switched by satellite selection. It only shows Astra channels. The Thor channels are in EyeTV but they are not accessible to view The satellite definitions on 5 W needs to be updated The On Screen Controller is missing. There is no entry for it in EyeTV's Window menu as the manual suggests.  It is not possible to read the Common Interface under EyeTV's View menu I am sure these problems can be corrected and that the EyeTV Sat will work satisfactorially with EyeTV 4.
  3. See enclosed file experiences with EyeTV Sat with CAM in CI slot and decoder card in CAM. Testprot. actually sent.rtf