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  1. Hi Lothar, see here: EyeTV4 is buggy or at least not working with EyeTV 4SAT. No one knows exactly whats wrong here, GT stopped responding to this issue. Not here and not direkt via EMail. So lets hope that they are working in the background otherwise all this GT stuff is ready for the trash.
  2. Ja, bitte ein EyeTV4 MAC Forum einrichten, damit wir hier klar adressieren können.
  3. The problem of cut recordings or non starting recordings might be related to the used receiver. In my case I have an EyeTV 4Sat device SatIP/Unicable. My suspicion is that as there is a UDP data streaming it might be a conflict with it. Maybe USB devices work better and do not break recordings. Can anyone confirm his device with or without having problems? It might give us a clue where the real problem is. BTW: I‘ve also asked GT but they never repsonded to this. /peter.
  4. So I will blow into the same horn here. I was testing the Betas of EyeTV and felt confident, that the release would at least work with its basics. It did not, recording was stopped after 30 mins, all other reported bugs here could be confirmed. I was really upset, paid for premium eps, software and ... all useless. I tried to setup a communication to Mike, but he is no longer responding, so I stepped out, got my money back and have switched off my Sat4 tuner. Frankly speaking, it's a shame. EyeTV does have such a potential and is perfect for watching and recording TV, but now its dead. The days when Elgato sold it to Geniatech have been the killer. G never stepped into a valuable programming result. Game over.
  5. Oh, great! So its worth to look into my local config again. Hmm! Thanks anyway.
  6. Hallo ajw, ich fürchte es gibt keine Lösung zum Problem "kein Signal". Ich habe das gleiche Problem mit meinem USB Sat von Elgato. Plötzlich kam dieses "kein Signal" und ich habe nach tagelangen Versuchen keinen Erfolg gehabt. Ich habe dann ein Timemachine Backup mit vier Wochen früher eingespielt, einer Zeit wo das Sat Dingens noch einwandfrei funktioniert hatte. Trotzdem, game over! Mir scheint, dass das kein alleiniges Problem der lokalen Installation ist - muß so sein. Am MacBook Air funktioniert alles! Das verstehe wer will, ich nicht - GT übrigens auch nicht! Gruß, veloraptor.
  7. Hi Mike, Yes, macOS 10.12.3 is the same. My typo with the channels: 1210, 1420, 1680 and 2040 MHz is correct. Thanks for investigating, Peter.
  8. With updating the EyeTV sw to v 7514 I lost the functionality of the scripting. Is this confirmed by anyone? I am using a triggered script for hibernating the mac after recording. My guess is that the latest version of EyeTV prevents my scripts from working. The script for hibernating: on RecordingDone(recordingID) set myapp to "EyeTV" delay 10 with timeout of 300 seconds display dialog "iMac shut down in 3 minutes unless you click Stop!" with icon 0 buttons {"Stop!"} giving up after 180 default button "Stop!" set theresults to the result if gave up of theresults is true then tell application "System Events" to shut down end if end timeout end RecordingDone Regards, Peter.
  9. Hi Georgio8, I confirm your solution. Have had the same problem as I didn't register EyeTV again with the new 4Sat code. The circumstance that tis code is a release code for the 4sat device wasn't that clear before :-) Regards, Peter.
  10. Hi Mike, Unicable is installed. 12100, 1420, 1680 and 1040 MHz each one tuner. But satellite setup offers only 2 tuners?! Regards, Peter ;-)
  11. Hi guys, may I switch back the discussion to the releasing of 4 Tuners in EyeTV? I have used the new syntax and in fact, Terminal responds with acceptance. Great. But still only 2 Tuners appear at EyeTV, although I have activated all four with the Jetstream app on the iPad.?! @mikyesun: Can you confirm that also 4 unviable tuners are released to EyeTV? Kind regards.
  12. Did Vanessa leave the forum? Her last visit was December 7?! .... Did anyone else (from GT) read the thread?
  13. Hi, just tried to activate the 4 tuners but your advice is not working: "defaults[75989:13492319] Unexpected argument tuners”; leaving defaults unchanged." Any ideas?