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  1. Problems only happens in FULL SCREEN mode, if I am in ⌘4 maximum size, all goes well.
  2. Hello, I have a Mac Mini 2018 3Ghz i5 6 cores, 8GB RAM and last version of eyeTV macOS 64 bit and when I start the app it goes ok, some problems if I go to full screen and problems start if from there I want middle size, it does something weird. Once it is in full screen it gets frost EVERY TIME and I have to Force Quit, that also happens when I am watching a channel and I change to other, I have to Force Quit. It's exasperating, new software is rubbish, I don't know why this happens but it is the only app that works this way. All the other apps I have installed works properly and without problems. But eyeTV ALWAYS GET FROST. Somedays I have to do every time I want to change channel. Any idea why this happens? thanks P.D. Please, excuse my English, it is not my mother tongue.