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  1. I have a 2nd-hand 4 channel Netstream bought on ebay to replace a few separate EyeTV tuners. I already had the newest version of EyeTV on my Mac and it recognised the new network tuner straight away.I was able to scan for channels fine. It’s worked flawlessly since. I can record around 3 separate satelite signals at once if I ever need to. I setup the dish on the roof with 4 separate coax cables comming out of it. I have the iOS Netstream app on both iPhone and iPad and that hardly works at all!! Not possible to tune or use the channels already on the device much. Some work, others don’t. A bit odd really.
  2. I have EyeTV running on 2 Macs. My main ‘recording machine’ is still on OSX12 sits under my TV and also runs a Plex server. My other ‘Desktop’ Mac I keep more or less up-to-date. I just updated this to OSX 14 and EyeTV seems to work, apart from the crashing on exit. So I may update the other Mac soon. Both are Intel Mac Minis, 32gb ram and 10gb ethernet. I haven’t made the leap to Apple Silicone yet! The Desktop Mac used to be a very old Tower Mac tricked out with lots of goodies, but had to be retired once I couldn't update the OS anymore. Shame about the EPG being dead. I have got used to setting up repeating manual recordings and then converting the saved video directly with Handbrake, not exporting from EyeTV. I edit this video in EyeTV to remove adverts. Exporting in Handbrake lets me keep any subtitles, which is good 👍🏻. I recently changed my collection of single satellite tuners to a single 4 Chanel satellite network box. Great bit of kit, works really well for me. Can be had for a bargain on eBay too. I can record 3 streams at the same time if I want too! Interesting 3rd party EPG mentioned above. I’ll have a look at this. Manually having to setup recordings is a very retrograde step compared to what I used to do. Tivo, a few decades ago, was brilliant at finding things all by itself, using its algorithms. But I guess we are in a different world now, streaming, etc. I don’t know how much longer there will be any real need to directly record a satellite feed?
  3. I get precision by clicking on the images / timeline to move the red cursor, the cursor keys don't do this very well!