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  1. EyeTV 3 (7520) stuck on running Setup Assistant

    Looks like a good old fashioned reboot has fixed the issue
  2. EyeTV 3 (7520) stuck on running Setup Assistant

    I have reloaded 7519 but have the same issue so it does not look like my issue is build specific. Restarting is something I normally do quite regularly but I have not seen this issue previously. I did have to Force Quit though today which may be connected.
  3. Hi I am having an issue with 7520. When I start EyeTV it forces me to running the Setup assistant every time I start it. I don't have my Recordings folder in the default location so it is not seeing existing recordings and schedules. If I change it the location in preferences I have to restart EyeTV to take affect but then I am back at the Assistant again.
  4. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    Hi The file that demonstrates the encoding issue on my machine is "38, Series.m4v" which is generated by the AppleTV 1080p preset. I copied it back into the eyetv package I shared with you from the iTunes library so you could try it. The machine generating the file is a MacPro 2013 running Sierra 10.12.5. iTunes is at I have also tried it on another Mac with El Capitan 10.11.6 and the same iTunes version, the issue is there too. I also tried QuickTime Player 10.4 (894.12) and VNC 2.2.4. Both of those exhibit the same frame jumping. The audio sounds OK, though the synchronisation is difficult to judge because of the video glitching. The only other thing I can think of that might impact the video side of things is I have FCPX on the Mac Pro.
  5. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    The things I am recording are in the UK and the mpg files within the eyetv package report as H264. Would there be any benefit to making files I have recored available for testing?
  6. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    So far so good. I have recorded a few things I would have expected to have issues before and the audio has been fine. The encoding issue still remains though. It's odd, when I encode to 1080p for AppleTV it is very fast. I presume that is because it is not transcoding but merely rewrapping the existing MPG and copying it to the iTunes library. If I simply copy the mpg out of the package into iTunes then the video plays fine but there is no audio at all. I suspect something might be happening to the metadata in the transfer which is confusing the iTunes player.
  7. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    I've updated the software. There is a TV series I am recording which had previously experienced the issue. It should be a good test of whether the issue is resolved when the next episode records.
  8. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    I can confirm the both issues exist with build 7517 for me too. They really need fixing in my view as a lot of recordings are being spoiled. I am using Plex to access the videos and I find it is happy to play the eyetv packages as they are. It helps the cataloguing in Plex for TV Series if you rename the mpg file within the package into the SnnEnn.mpg series/episode format.
  9. Audio issues on Movies and export issues

    Thanks, I will give 7516 a try and report back
  10. I have just got an Eye TV T2. I am running it on Mac Pro with MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 with EyeTV 3.6.9 (7514). I have an issue on some movie recordings with the sound. There is sound present, but it sounds like only what would be going to surround speakers not the front channels. This means the dialogue is missing. I have tried changing the soundtrack and experimenting with differing outputs but its made no difference. Any suggestions? I have also had issues with export to 1080p options like AppleTV. If the picture plays back at all it looks very odd. It is like it is being deinterlaced but with the odd and even frames out of sync.
  11. eye TV 3 (hybrid) doesn't work on macOS Sierra

    I had the same issue. What you need to track down is build 7514 but it doesn't auto update to that version for some reason. You should see the T2 in the list of devices when you run the setup assistant.