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  1. I've been using EyeTV since DTT started growing in the UK about 12 years ago, and I've owned several different products in that time, most recently upgrading my Netstream Sat to the new Netstream 4Sat. Coupled with the tvOS Netstream app it produces stunning results on a 3 metre screen. SAT>IP is not marketed in the UK, for some reason, so it is great to see a SAT>IP product from a company I trust. However, my many eyeTV recordings from the last 12 years are on a NAS share on the same network, and it would be great if the tvOS app could access and playback .eyetv files from the NAS (or a Mac with File Sharing turned on, of course). I can use other products (like Infuse) but they don't talk to the .eyetv metadata.