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  1. I adapted your original script as follows but removed the 'no details' command since it wasn't recognised by SD #!/bin/sh /opt/local/bin/tv_grab_zz_sdjson --days 10 /opt/local/bin/tv_sort --by-channel --output ~/.xmltv/uk.xml /usr/bin/open -a /Applications/EyeTV.app ~/.xmltv/uk.xml - same as before - terminal displays the xml data (my it's fast) but EyeTV doesn't open or receive the data. - the command /usr/bin/open -a /Applications/EyeTV.app does work though so my problem is with the exported xml file or lack of one!
  2. This is brilliant Stuartf - works a treat. I considered SD in the past but they say that's it's only for free software (like NextPVR) whereas EyeTV is a paid application. I use an M2 MacBook Air running EyeTV4 on Sonoma with a Netstream4Sat tuner and all is well. BTW BBC1 HD is there. The only thing I can't do is to get the script to import the xml file into EyeTV. I have to save the xml data in the Terminal output to a separate xml file and then drag the file onto the EyeTV icon. I suspect that I'm doing something wrong, however.
  3. Beta build 8525 which I received on a support ticket supports 720p on the Netstream4sat