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  1. Solved. Deinstalled and reinstalled subversion 7520 from scratch. Did not reapply saved prefs, just did them all again manually.
  2. EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416) and HDHomeRun tuner. I've had this setup for years and it has worked great. I can't upgrade EyeTV too many subversions beyond this because it loses support for HDHomeRun tuner. My problem is that even though nothing has changed on my end, except a channel rescan, around mid February EyeTV would stop recording any one hour length scheduled item at somewhere between 12 and 19 minutes. The part that recorded shows no sign of signal degradation and it is across channels. In diagnostics everything is green. If I schedule test shows for 30 minutes they are still fine. I guess the workaroud would be to record a sequence of any show longer that 30 min in 30 min chunks. Don't know if it's related but I also started getting Expired! notices at the bottom of my sheduled items. I made sure every channel was changed from tv guide, which expired forever ago, to ATSC, but it didn't help. Could the recording shortening be related to that? I use TitanTV to schedule, but it happens with manually set recording too. Oh EyeTV, I love your interface. I hope this is fixable somehow ...
  3. I emailed support to see if the change was permanent. No response yet. But they still list the HDHomeRun tuner as compatible on the product page for EyeTV 3 so maybe there will be another update with the tuner back in it.
  4. Same problem. Rescued previous version from trash like others. Mine was 3.6.9 (7416) and it sees the tuner. Phew. But I haven't upgraded to High Sierra yet ...