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  1. Thanks Ton, I'll check out DVBlink
  2. I've been running Channels DVR for approx 2 weeks. It works great on my mac, iPhone and iPad at home and away from home. It works so well I'm considering purchasing their appletv app. Silicondust refunded my money for their DVR subscription with no questions.
  3. Channels DVR works great with my HD HomeRun. Installation/setup is easy. The iPhone/iPad app is good also. It is more expensive than other platforms I've tried. I'll keep using Channels DVR until HDHomeRun DVR software is stable.
  4. @bertie, is this Channels TV https://getchannels.com/tv/ ?
  5. I've been using the HDHomeRun DVR software for a few days. Functionality is ok. It works. The OSX version crashes frequently. The iOS app works well. Thanks for Channels TV tip.
  6. I haven't been too happy with the EyeTV software for a while. I encounter bugs often and the updates don't come fast enough. I've decided to give the HDHomeRun DVR software/subscription a chance. I'll monitor the forum to see if Geniatech starts supporting my Homerun connect again.