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  1. After I though that I had got it back working, the very next update from Gracenote has left gaping holes in my EPG again. Had enough. Switched back to DVB to see how I get on.
  2. Still happening to me with UK channels like ITV ITV3 ITV2 Challenge Film4. I find that I have to clear the EPG Guide Data, delete the EPG database file in the EYETV folder, then fetch the new data from the servers. It's a real pain to do this about once a week. My account is up for renewal in June and I'm unsure if I should renew.
  3. I've just noticed an issue with the latest version of EyeTV where if I stop a scheduled recording while the program is currently running I find that EyeTV starts recording this same program a few minutes later. Anyone else getting this issue? Thanks.