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  1. My Gracenote feed of satellite channels is totally empty this morning.
  2. And then after 20 minutes, it all starts working again ... though any interaction with Gracenote seems very slow (as if it's timing out in the background)
  3. Some channel schedules weren't updating. I cleared EPG (big mistake) but the Update Gracenote Program Guide fails as no channels are apparently using Gracenote now. But when I go assign channels to Gracenote, there are none to choose from, as if the API between the EyeTV3 client and Gracenote is down and not offering any channels. Any ETA on a fix?
  4. I have two plugged in and need support to continue
  5. Mostly fixed ... ten minutes after I'd converted the most important channels back to DVB BBC One HD Northern Ireland, BBC Two HD and UTV HD still not showing anything. All back now for me
  6. Snap! Which - after all these years of reporting similar issues - is the first time they've not immediately replied with a bunch of steps to delete EPG and rebuild from scratch, which has never fixed the problem until the Gracenote feed has been fixed!
  7. Same problem on both my machines. 11am (UK time) on Jan 3 is the last programme for any Gracenote channel. I've raised a support request - but experience from before suggests this won't get a fast response.
  8. Reverted to EyeTV 3.6.9 (7520) last night from 7522 and the same thing has already happened.
  9. Snap. One or more records a day fails to stop at the end of the programme, running on for four hour instead of 30 or 60 minutes. Some recordings also seem to be starting late, maybe 15 minutes late. or not at all. eyetv 3.6.9 7522 on macOS 10.13.2