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    3.6.9 7521 breaks compatibility with HDHomeRun

    I was able to restore a version of eyeTV that works with my HDHomeRun from my time machine backup. Removing support for the wonderful HDHomeRun product once sold along with eyeTV means EOL for eyeTV for me. The good thing is that it got me to look around at other software that supports the former Elgato/Silicon Dust HDHomeRun. This has improved remarkably. The HDHomeRun app on macOS and iOS has gone from a crude barely functioning application, to something slick and reliable. If even offers DVR functionality bundled in with a subscription program guide. The Channels app on Apple TV works really well and shares my 2 channel HDHomeRun hardware with eyeTV on macOS well. It looks like Plex is going to be the solution for recording. I already use it as a media server. DVR functionality is bundled with a program guide and other features.