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  1. EyeTV 4 (8519) crashes repeatably on my MacBook Air (10.15.2) immediately, whenever I try to access the record section in the settings. Which is not helpful on a computer wit limited internal storage, to put it in very friendly words. I won't instal this update on my main computer. 😞
  2. News: On my computers nothing seemed to help. Yet, I tested EyeTV 4 through all betas and finally purchased the so called final version. It worked perfectly - until I purchased a second version for my MacBook Air. Look and behold: The same nasty 29 min bug was back in full beauty that was finally gone while using different 'versions' of EyeTV on my laptop and iMac. So now I suspect that Geniatech is not able to handle the use of multiple licenses owned by the same user in the same network. I have informed their bloody support and posted about it in the EyeTV 4 (Mac) forum on this site. But I can only hope that they are willing and capable enough to address this issue. I'll keep you informed.
  3. And actually, after all this time and all the invested help because the Geniatech guys could admittedly not find any clue where the problem might come from, because they have no idea how to localize bugs, I want my two licenses for free and my money refunded! And if anybody at Geniatech could imagine somethin 'scandalous' like this: How about a "Thank you!" for setting you on the right track after all? (Please notice, that I am not even asking for an apology for letting you search my computer last year without anybody at the other end of the line who would comment on anythign they were doing. Not in German, not in English, and not even in Mandarin! Believe me, Geniatech, this will never happen again!
  4. Some further explanation concerning the "29-min-bug": This is an old bug that appeared and discouraged me deeply from setting any hope in Geniatech's development with EyeTV 3 over the last 2+ years. There is a long thread in the support forum. Just search for 29 minutes and it will pop up. It seems to be a bug affecting mainly (exclusively?) setups using some kind of Sat>Ip recording (like Netstream 4 or however Geniatech call their receiver). My receiver works with 8 channels in parallel to support every user in my household. And - surprise, surprise - my partner, still running EyeTV 3 on her Mojave computer never experienced any problem on her Mac ... I tried almost every beta of EyeTV 4 because I switched to Catalina immediately after it came out. Finally with the las beta the problem seemed to be gone for a substantial time ("seemed" because it is a kind of inconsistent bug: often it only hits just one of my computers, then suddenly it switches, so recording works on the other one but now effects the first and so on. Only in a few cases both of my computers were affected. But a few restarts later, it had struck only one again. Unfortunately, it was unpredictable when it would hit which computer ...). It never came to anybodies mind that it might have to do with using several licenses owned by the same person in the same network. But now this seems to be very clear. I had owned altogether three licenses of EyeTV 3 and now own two of EyeTV 4 (of course in both cases it is the "final version" (8518)). Well, at least it is finally a hint where these Geniatech guys have to look for a solution! So, jimmo and PaulKB, - thanks for your much appreciated input! - maybe using the "final edition" (8518) makes the difference here? Or using the same version at all?As I have used different betas on my two computers over the last few weeks. Then on my iMac I could not start the beta any longer and was forced to buy the "final version" (so, do not upgrade to 8518!!!). Everything looked fine on my iMac. But I noticed I could not use the beta any longer on my MacBook Air. And, unfortunately, I could not use my license key on the laptop either. So I bought another license just a few days ago. Now this f**king bug is back (btw, today it just affects my iMac, but after some restarts EyeTV works fine on my MBA - as I learned from trying to record some TV program in parallel on both computers). And I am asking Geniatech to Get this bug fixed finally! After 2+ years and TBs of cut recordings and parallel programming everything on two computers - manually - and still endinging up with tons of "29 minute" files, and paying almost 60 € to your company just to render your software unusable again: Get this bug fixed!
  5. You call your software final? Well, it is at least a final nightmare. After extensive test of your 'final' version on my main computer everything looked good. But as soon as I decided to purchase a second license for my laptop this @!%&$@#% "29-minute"-bug is back. This time on both of my computers at the same time.. No recording is possible anymore beyond this time limit. So, on MacOS Catalina (10.15.2), latest version of your software, and after paying almost 60 €, I am now of worse of than with EyeTV 3 on 10.14.x. Get rid of this fucking bug. And check why it appears as soon as I purchase and use a second license of EyeTV 4 on the same network! Have you ever even looked at this possible source of the problem? And yes, I am extremely frustrated, because I have helped you to find the reason for this stupid bugs for two years now in every possible way. Including letting you access my computer. Check my profile! 😡
  6. This is an old issue: . And the last information they gave about it was that they have no idea why this was happening and what may be the reason. In all the updates this issue was never even mentioned. I once even opened my computer to their engineers (who could not even say hello, although i did in Google Mandarin 😞 ) to get some first hand data on it. But nothing.It is a shame. And it is one of the reasons why some people here are showing some 'negativity' towards Geniatech.
  7. And another bug with EyeTV4.0.0b11(8514): I cannot change the date of the program guide. There is no way of looking at the program of the next day or the previous (or any other day but today).
  8. There is another bug with Sat>IP receivers and EyeTV. When my Macs wake up from sleeping mode and EyeTV is running but without any active TV program, EyeTV very often/always (not sure) switches on the last selected program. Would be nice if this could be stopped.
  9. Unfortunately, the 29-minute-bug known already from EyeTV 3 still persists with Sat>IP even in the latest Beta - although not repeatably. Sometimes I have it on my iMac (connected via WLAN), sometimes on my MacBook Air connected via ethernet (both running 10.15.1). Having to restart one computer often switches the problems between both computers. Is there any fix for this problem foreseeable?
  10. I have just downloaded the new beta. Unfortunately, EyeTV crashes within about max 30 s since four days now. On restart EyeTV shows me your feedback window to describe the procedures that lead to the last fatal crash. But I cannot enter anything into this window - except pressing ignore within the first 1 or 2 s after it appears. Later I just get the turning colorful beachball and nothing reacts. This issue appears under both betas, the last one and today's update. Further more the well reported issue from EyeTV 3 of recordings stopping after 29 minutes max persists on EyeTV 4 with Sat>IP when connected via WLAN. The bug does not seem to exist while connected via ethernet. (At least that is my conclusion for the time being. With EyeTV that switched to vice versa every few weeks.) I could not test this issue with the new Beta due to crashing. Any help for this stupid feedback window? I suspect that it is the reason for the latest un-usability of EyeTV4. Surprisingly this feedback window appears exclusively on my MacBook Air but NOT on my iMac although both are running macOS 15 in the latest version.
  11. Sorry, for the confusion! Correction! It seems to be an issue with some hd channels and probably has external reasons!
  12. EyeTV 4 Beta 6 does not work anymore after yesterday's update to Catalina. On my iMac I just get the Cocoa EyeTV window working, but the TV window is just an empty grey rectangle not showing anything. Has been working (more or less) before the update.
  13. And, believe me, I would appreciate nothing more than an honest answer about Geniatech and their dedication (and even size). 🙂
  14. @thomaskud: Some more hints - as I still cannot truly believe that you have no idea as to where to locate the issue -: 1. The behavior of EyeTV on my computer changes with every update of macOS. So it seems to be very clear to me that some component of EyeTV is colliding with some system component starting with macOS 10.13. Apple usually documents its changes to sensitive system components very well. So, why not crosscheck this data with EyeTV components? 2. You say you cannot reproduce the problem on your computers? How is that? What makes your computers different from mine and Igl's and so on? Are you using server editions of macOS? Are you developing EyeTV on Macs at all? Are only people in certain regions of the world affected? Have you tried to reproduce the problem on an ordinary customer Mac? What are the differences to your development computers? Why can't you just let @thomaskud setup a new system and check whether he is able to reproduce the issues (instead of relying on customer help)? If you have done that and @thomaskud has not been able to reproduce the problem, ask yourselves: why is that? What makes his computer different from those in China? 3. Ask yourselves whether the 29 minutes problem isn't indeed a 30 minutes problem (but counting starting at 0 seconds, so after 30 min the counter shows 29:59 which may be rounded to 29 minutes in EyeTV). What processes are reset after 30 minutes? In EyeTV? On the Mac? That also affect WLAN and/or Ethernet and Sat>IP? So look for numbers in your source code like 30, 1800 and so on. 4. The problem has nothing to do with EyeConnect.app. I renamed the folder that includes the app and after restarting the computer and checking in the activity monitor that EyeConnect was not running, EyeTV behaved as always recently, i.e. it stopped working after 30 min. (Yes, 30 min.) Of course, without EyeConnect I could not stream any content to my iPad. 5. For EyeTV to crash it is not necessary that a recording is made. The program even crashes if completely left alone without recording and without viewing - al least on my two computers. 6. First, I am getting the impression that again the users are doing more for bug fixes than Geniatech. Second, I am getting the impression that your programmers have so little knowledge of English that they have difficulties to understand at least what is written in this forum, and probably the same is valid for the source code. So, please, @thomaskud, where are Geniatechs efforts? Is an experienced programmer who knows the details about EyeTV working on this issue? It is in the way of becoming ridiculous that you cannot reproduce the issues, not even to mention identifying the source of it.This thread was started 5 months ago - and where are we? - Nowhere. With no ideas. And some guessing about the source of the issue - that is plainly wrong. What the heck.
  15. Does not work here. 😞 Also this idea doesn't seem to be very convincing as every restart of the computer would help as well. Still 29 minutes here and than the full crash as described above. All this all is very discouraging - and, actually, I am asking myself on what systems you are testing your software? And I cannot imagine that it should be impossible to identify why the recording stops after 29 minutes. You are speaking of the system scheduler that needs resetting. Then where are the three lines of code that reset the scheduler after 28 minutes and everything would be fine? Heck, and no consequences of the opening my computer to your chinese ghost programmers. Yes, I am angry! Meanwhile I am paying for my Gracenote EPG abo without being able to use it ...