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EyeTV 3.6.9 (7521) EyeTV Plus

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Please look for my very recent posts.  Same issue here in the states for over the air (broadcast) TV.

After 1/2 hour trouble shooting, I got onto the site to email support and saw some vague mention about running "auto-tune."  My suspicion is that will fix your issues.  WHY we have to run auto-tune again, I don't know why?  

The last update didn't require an auto-tune, and your channel data base is still there.  I checked under the new version and all our channels were there, as well still there when I switched back to previous version.

Don't know what platform you're running, but on a Mac, all their installer does is move the previous version app to the trash.  Just pull it out and use the old one if you need until you figure things out.  The old version will still work.  And if you want to be sure, put the new version in the trash.  (BUT NOT all the the app's other files - just the app) 

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8 hours ago, Marco said:

How do I unsign up for EyeTV Plus, or change my country. Tried Germany because it works, but I'm in New Zealand... Can't speak good enough german.

How did you got it working?

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