How can I charge EyeTV W?

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EyeTV W comes with a Micro USB charging cable.

You can plug the small end of that cable (the Micro USB end) into EyeTV W.

You can plug the standard USB end into any USB port, like on a computer.

Then, EyeTV W will start charging.

You can also use a USB power adapter that plugs into a wall outlet.

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Is it possible to use a powerbank to charge it in the same time you use the W, so while broadcasting ? I already tried this, but apparently the battery isn't charging. The powerbank (external battery) was fully loaded and gives 2,1 A in the USB-outlet. The battery-icon on the W is red though when I connect the W with the powerbank.... But the battery runs out eventhough it's connected to the powerbank. What should I do to make this work, so the W lasts longer while connected to an external powersource.

Btw, my fully charged W lasts only for approx. 2 hours (a bit less) on its internal battery ; thas why I want to charge it while it runs...

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