EyeTV 4SAT connecting to Koax output ?

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sorry for  probably poor questions. I read a lot, but got finally confused. So I am looking for answers to two questions:

I am planning to buy a eye TV Netstream 4sat to stream SAT TV via Apple TV on an ordinary TV

First question: there is one Koax-Antenna output in the respective room, served from the "conventionel" SAT System in my house. I want to connect the EyeTV to that Koax-Antenna output. Does this work? The Eye TV has four input antenna adapters, which one do I have to use for the mentioned usage?

Second question: if the Koax-Antenna solution works, is it possible to connect and stream via Apple TV to the ordinary TV, as mentioned above?

Thank you for any comment and advice.



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Answering your questions it will 

1) work with the coax outlet of your SAT-Dish connecting it to the first (A) input of the Netstream 4Sat. You will be able to receive one SAT channel and send it to 1 device

2) work in the mentioned way with an AppleTV if it is a ATV4 version and has the Netstream app installed.

You will NOT see any encrypted channel (SKY, HD+, ...) as the Netstream does not have a CI-Slot for smartcards. There is a workaround running an OSCAM server solution in your network, but there is no OSCAM client for the AppleTV.

So if you want to see encrypted channels you better go for a Dreambox or VU+ receiver and an app like vuplusTV on the AppleTV.


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