Program guide EyeTV 4 on Mac. How to get rid of the analog channels

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I have just moved from antenna TV (Elgato Diversity) to cable TV (Elegato Hybrid).  I am using MacOS Catalina.

And now my program Guide is a mess. Channels 1-24 are on the top, but actually useless, while the cable channels start from number 100, but are on line 25.

I have tried to get the cable channels in the same order as the antenna channels were.

I only want to see only the cable channels, no need for antenna channels.

Is there a way? 

This awfully bug-ridden app (worst I have ever seen in my 32 years as a Mac professional). EyeTV 3 had its quirks, but this is a completely different animal altogether. 

Is there anyone at Geniatech who actually developes EyeTV 4?

Been using EyeTV for over 10 years now. I do love the concept.

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