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  1. Here are pics of a portion of my channel list and a portion of the nice generic TV Guide provided by choosing ATSC/Open cable in the EPG column of the All Channel List
  2. I have an Intel Macbook Pro running Sonoma vs 14.4.1 and EyeTV vs 4.0.0 build 8532. EyeTV works quite well altho sometimes crashes when I use the red close button or quit EyeTV in the upper left of the window. I am in California, USA using ATSC channels. The program guide is quite nice for the 60 channels I receive, it is free and rather generic. I am attaching a photo of the Channel list showing I have chosen the ATSC/Open Cable for the source of the TV Guide and a photo of the Program Guide.
  3. I I have an Intel MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.4.1 and EyeTV Vs. 4.0.0 8532. EyeTv works just fine here in California USA using ATSC channels. Susie
  4. I used to be able to see the signal strength of each channel. Now I can't find it. Can someone answer. I may just need to look a little harder. Susie
  5. You can uncheck the chanels you don't want to see in the All Channels list in the sidebar.
  6. Yes, please make the text size in the online guide larger. I can't even see it from 4 feet away. Thank you.