TV Guide has been disabled ion eyeTV 3

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I Have several older eyeTV HD boxes running EyeTV 3, last week all my TV Guide data was erased. I have EyeTV 4 running on an M1 Mac but can get no sound at all through playback or edit. Eyetv 4 was totally unusable util the latest update, but then only slightly better. If I could use EyeTv 4 I would, but it just doesn't work on the M1 Mac. Ido however get TV Guide under Version 4 but it seems to have been disabled under version 3 of EyeTV.

I tried to install version 4 on one of my Intel Macs running Mojave and Version 3 of EyeTV but it tells me the serial number has beed disabled and offers an opportunity to purchase another copy but when I click on that link there is nowhere to be found an option to purchase another copy from that link, or any other option I can find from that link. I have 5 of the EyeTV HD boxes, currently using 3 of them which are now useless.

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