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  1. EyeTV has been abandoned by Geniatech. Support does not exist.
  2. Thanks Geniatech, for nothing... I'm putting your Netstream box in the box, it is garbage.
  3. Bought an Netstream Duo... it sits there red LED on and blue LED flashing, no idea what that means as there is no manual. The iOS apps - "DTV Netstream" and "eyeTV netstream TV" both freeze, with a black screen eyeTV4 ... the "Assistant" does not detect the Netstream (NetStream and iMac are connected via ethernet cable to the same router) then crashes a few seconds later. Using "MyNet", the Netstream is visible is the network: 2020 iMac (intel) running Monterey 12.5.1 and iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 15.6.1. I give up... this is junk....
  4. As I suggested this is abandonware... they aren't fixing anything.
  5. Neither the app "DTV Netstream" nor "eyeTV Netstream" can find the Netstream box, and they crash (hang).
  6. OK so... it is eyeTV is abandonware.. from the webpage "THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AVAILABLE. The iOS app also crashes after launching, so that's no go either. Both the EU and Shenzhen outfits should be reported for fraud.
  7. OK reading through the posts I get it... eyeTV has been abandoned as the developer can't fix the bugs. Pity... I used to have it many years ago - around 2006 - and it worked quite well, though needed to be restarted from time to time (ie a memory leak).
  8. Bought the NetStream 2T which arrived today in a plain white box, not even so much as a label. In the box: one NetStream, one power supply, and one ethernet patch cable. BUT...No software, no software key, and no setup instructions. I have since downloaded eyeTV4 for MacOS and iOS... so... how do I get the activation key, please ? Geniatech you really have to get the basics right or you will continue to be named-and-shamed on your own forum. Very, very poor IMHO.