HELP! Lost TV guide, have no idea what to do next

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Hi Everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, not even sure I'm posting in the correct section.  Just wanted to jump in somewhere, and see if anyone can help.

Over the summer, my Program guide went blank.  I still had 3 months left in my TV Guide subscription.  Geniatech sent me new Eye TV 3 software, but I couldn't get it back.  The last version of the software they sent me listed only 1 channel on the guide, channel 1000.  After a few months of that, my TV Guide subscription expired.

Now I have nothing under my Program Guide.  I can still manually record shows, but it is impossible to search for anything.

I've contacted Geniatech several times, and they have ignored me.  I am at a loss as to how to proceed.

I live in the United States

I have a mac, currently running macOS Mojave (10.14.6)

I have an EyeTV HD system

I am running EyeTV 3 software, version 3.6.9 (7530)

I have a Cable box, and connect red/green/blue wires through my EyeTV HD into my Mac.

The last time I actually heard from Geniatech, they told me NOT to upgrade my macOS, because my system would stop working.


My question for the forum is:  Can I upgrade my Eye TV system,  purchase new Eye TV hardware, and restore what I once had?

Or am I out of luck?

If I could get my program guide working again, I would be all set.  But that doesn't seem to be possible.


I am willing to invest in the latest and greatest Eye TV hardware, and would like to upgrade my mac to the latest macOS software.  There is simply no customer support anymore, and I have no idea what to buy or who to ask.


Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you have.




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Dear KrautTV

Geniatech had a problem earlier this year with their EYETV EPG Premium Guide but they fixed it with that software update. If you are actually using "TV Guide" programming guide, you may need to purchase "EYETV EPGPremium" from Elgato. That may fix your problem.

However, yesterday my EYETV EPG Premium guide wasn't updating so I tried the "TV Guide - USA & Canada" option on the toggle bar and that worked for me. I emailed Angela asking if they had changed to TV Guide, but haven't heard back. I guess I don't have to hear back from Angela, as long as my TV Guide works...for now.

Geniatech developed their own guide (EYETV EPG Premium). But when it went out earlier this year I went to You can set up your own account online (for free). Choose your local and/or favorite channels and shows. Then you can actually click on a program's "record" button and it will enter it into your EyeTV schedule automatically. However the channel is then listed by it's name and not it's number. EyeTV will schedule program, but tell you that channel doesn't exist but go ahead and schedule anyway (it is the same channel, Eyetv doesn't recognize the format is all). Then in your Eyetv schedule window,  change the channel "toggle switch" to the channel from your lineup that that matches. It works great, just a few more steps. But good work around if you don't want to miss your programming.

FYI: EyeTV HD boxes from Elgato have not been sold in the US for quite awhile. I guess the laws changed so they couldn't sell this hardware in the US. The way I heard it was Elgato sold their US business to Geniatech. I may be a bit fuzzy on all the details, but you can't upgrade your EyeTV HD hardware. But there's a lot of smart people on this forum, so someone else probably knows more about that. I face the same problem tho with Mac upgrades. I might have to keep one of my iMacs with a system just for EyetvHD. 

Hope this helps.



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