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Got an Elgato Eye TV 610 with firewire connection. What do I need to connect this with the new iMac? 

Bought from Apple the Thunderbolt > Firewire Adapter, which was only half of the solution. With another cable from USB c to Thunderbolt, the connection would be fine, but the software will not reach my hardware anymore.

Is there anybody outside, who could help me: Is there a simply cable solution from USB-C (iMac with M1) to firewire on the Elgato Hardware?

THX a lot!!!!

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you may not achieve this solution i think with newer M1 mac, unfortunately;

would use the device with an older imac/mac that still has an firewire port;

probably the firewire signal got lost in translation, now with eyetv4 it might even be that your hardware is not reconized any longer by the software.

you could try installing installing mojave on an older mac and see if this helps , and use eyetv 3 with it.

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