TV EYE UP !!!!

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JUST got new laptop today, plugged in TV EYE did the search for channels, clicked on the guide and its up !

So maybe delete and reinstall by plugging back in just remember your activation key !

 Im so happy I haven't checked my other comp yet but deffo its up for me on this new one

Hope it is for you guys


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Some more details would be informative.

1) Where are you located? I was turning my listing service back from ATSC/OpenCable to TVGuide (EyeTV3)/EyeTV Premium EPG NA (EyeTV 4) every few weeks from early September 2022 when the service went out to December 2022 when my EyeTV EPG subscription expired, and I never got a response from the North American server at all.

(no credit from Geniatech for prepaid services NOT rendered has been offered, either)

Every country has a different listing service; it's possible that Geniatech is paying some of them, but not all. Perhaps they're paying the service in your country?


2) Is it still working, 3+ months later? Has it worked consistently throughout the intervening time?

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