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AppleScript and EyeTV 4

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With the export button for iTunes missing from EyeTV 4, at least for now, I wanted to just write a quick AppleScript to export my videos out.  The AppleScript library is there and all the commands listed including export.  However, none of them seem to work.  I get repeated error messages that EyeTV doesn't understand the command.  Does anyone know if AppleScript actually works in version 4?  The page for EyeTV 4 does list an AppleScript menu as an option but that may just be that someone cut and paste from the version 3 page and it doesn't really work.  

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It seems to be working, but differently from EyeTV 3.  I use a script to cycle through the channels at night, to update the EPG from the DVB signal.  I managed to adapt it to EyeTV 4.  I noticed the following differences:

-  programs_window is now called program window (singular and without underscore);

- I cannot show the window, but I can still open it;

- controller_window no longer exists;

- I cannot close any window;

- mute only seems to work when the player_window is active.

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