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EyeTV 4 64 bit (macOS) - no recording

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I purchased EyeTV 4 64 bit, downloaded and installed it. EyeTV 4 took all preferences from my previous EyeTV 3, which I sill have installed in parallel and it found my device Geniatech NetStream 4 Sat. I could do a new channel search with my device, but I can not watch the program. When I click „watch“, I recognise, that EyeTV 4 opens a new window, changes to the channel and the title of the current program is displayed, but there is no video and now sound. Also programmed recordings do not record content. 
Most disappointing is, that - after I did a new channel search in EyeTV 4 - now EyeTV 3 took all the new channels and also does not show video and does not record. 
Do I need special settings? What could help?

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Hi Lothar,

see here:


EyeTV4 is buggy or at least not working with EyeTV 4SAT. No one knows exactly whats wrong here, GT stopped responding to this issue. Not here and not direkt via EMail. So lets hope that they are working in the background otherwise all this GT stuff is ready for the trash.


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