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4Sat Reset Procedure

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Here is the procedure to reset EyeTV Netstream 4Sat.

  1. Connect the power cable to the device, along with an Ethernet cable and the coaxial cable for the DVB-S signal.
  2.  Switch off EyeTV Netstream 4Sat.
    •  After you do this, all LEDs will be off.
  3. Press the Reset button and keep it pressed.
  4.  Switch on the EyeTV Netstream 4Sat again.
    • The left LED will light up solid red.
    •  After a few seconds the right LED will light up solid blue, while the left LED will remain solid red  
  5. When the right LED turns solid blue, release the Reset button.
    • Both LEDs will be remain lit for a few seconds.
    • Then, EyeTV Netstream 4Sat will boot up again. 
  6.  Wait until EyeTV Netstream 4Sat has booted up
    • The LED on the left will turn solid green.
  7. Launch EyeTV on the Mac, THC on Windows, or the Netstream app on your portable device to configure EyeTV Netstream 4Sat.

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