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now the images are jerky

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Catastrophe avec la mise à jour. je ne parles meme plus des bug multiples, maintenant les images sont saccadées.
Idem pour les enregistrements d'avant... cela devient impossible à regarder

Disaster with the update. I'm not even talking about multiple bugs anymore, now the images are jerky.
Ditto for the recordings before ... it becomes impossible to watch


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Just paid for the upgrade, having moved over to Catalina. Playback is very jerky and out of sync, if the video pans across a scene you can watch it go in steps. 

No point in quibbling about missing features if the main purpose of the thing is so broken.

Thinking of upgrading? I recommend you do not, this is not a patch on EyeTV 3. 

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The support from Geniatech hasn't answered my messages. I guess the development team is gone. 

On my last message, I've asked for a refund as EyeTV 4.0.0 for macOS is useless.

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