update 8521 impossible to be used

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8519 was working in some way in Catalina, 8521 starts with the Licence agreement which overlays the image: no chance to eliminate as well as to access the menus or anything else. I applied the eye tv reporter to clean up everything. no positive result. downgraded to 8519

Bad job, and still an RC. I am a customer not happy from november...


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I wrote to the support, they answered that I had to fully delete the previous beta, by means of the utility they suggest on the web page, and to reinstall everything. It worked. I do not know who is the admin.


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I purchased the 8521 version of Eye TV 4 for MAC. I couldn't have had imagined geniatech could relase such a primitive and defective sofware! The progamm wasn't able to detect all the services as version 3 did. EPG from live signal was retrieved just sporadiclly for very few of the services. But the cheery on top:

with this software Eye TV  4 (8521) the HD Services are recorded as ordinary SD Services with the resolution downgraded from 1920x1080 to 720x576!!!

Thanks God I could claim for a refund. Such a disaster, I will never install on my MAC! 

The video editor simply cannot be used.

The Eye TV 4 was released without any manual.

"Help"  just redirects you to geniatech. eu webpage

My advice: stay away from Eye TV 4, but If you really want to try it: install Catalina on an USB drive. After that purchase Eye TV 4. Try it and if you are not satisifed claim the refund witin 14 days.

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