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  1. Hello Erik and Klaus, We've now answered the tickets "2016070916000126" and "2016070916000019". We apologize for any inconvenience. Kind regards
  2. Digital Everywhere: EyeTV: Hauppauge: Huawei: Miglia: PCTV: TerraTec: Others:
  3. You have switched your TV tuner and now couldn’t select the tv channels in the list? Also the channels are all grey now? Mostly, the reason is about different signal standard. For new device, you need to search tv channels at first. 1st step: Please open your Total TV Software – click the setup button 2nd step: select Stations 3rd step: delete all channels with the trash buttonat the right corner. 4th step: select the correct reception type, for example DVB-T for EyeTV Hybrid/Diversity. 5th step: click the "Save all" button and then apply the settings. Now back on the TV screen again and you should be able to watch TV like normally.