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  1. And I just got this: Hello Eric,Sorry for keeping you waiting.It is still in the test.Kind regards,Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  2. Just got this: Hello Eric ,Sorry for the inconvenience.The restoration has been completed. We are testing it now. We will inform you immediately once it is finished testing. Kind regards,Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  3. That is what I am using now. Simple. Kept getting error codes on the script editor (automater) so am just manually downloading.
  4. I could not figure out how to use this. Wanted to but had no idea what the site was talking about. Approved apps? Didn't see eyetv. I did try to download something, but excel wanted to open it up, but then said it couldn't because of a problem with one of the fields.
  5. I just heard back from EyeTV: Hello Eric,Thank you for your request.Most of the work has already been completed. The service will be back soon. We will keep you informed.Kind regards,Angela Geniatech EyeTV Support Team
  6. Worked awesomely! Thank you!
  7. When I schedule a remote recording, eyeTV tries to set the input to default to composit in. Any way to change that?