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  1. Thank you to both of you. EyeTV4 does not crash anymore but... searching TV Stations from antenna through EyeTV Hybrid does not work. The antenna is working well for our TV set in another room. Should I get a new interface ?
  2. How do you do it ? It would be marvellous to solve that issue : -)
  3. Exact. Et nous sommes le 5 décembre 2022 et le Mac Studio (M1) ne fonctionne pas du tout avec Eye TV 4 et Eye TV Hybrid. J'ai payé pour une nouvelle clé, sans avertissement que cela ne fonctionnait pas.
  4. I Installed EyeTV4 (and paid for a new key) on my Mac Studio and tried it with the EyeTV Hybrid from my old iMac. Nothing comes from the antenna. And when I closed and started again the Mac, the EyeTV 4.0 started automatically... and crash the computer. Had to started it again and delete EyeTV4 in the first second to prevent a new crash. What should I do ? Is EyeTV still in operation ? Thank you everybody : -)