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  1. THANK YOU for putting this detailed guide together! I just wanted to point out there is a slight typo in the LaunchAgent code. You are missing a final </plist> tag at the end. Other than that, this works beautifully.
  2. Thanks for putting this together! I should point out that although it doesn't provide the EPG data embedded into EyeTV, TitanTV is a free service, and offers a "record" option that integrates nicely with EyeTV. The trick is that the channel names *must* match what TitanTV specifies. I copied my existing TVGuide channel listing, and then renamed to the TitanTV channel names. When I click on the "record" button in TitanTV (web browser), it downloads a schedule file that is automatically opened by EyeTV and the recording is scheduled. If you don't have the channel name correct, EyeTV will warn you that it can't find a channel named "blah". You can use this to go back and rename the channel within EyeTV.