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  1. mc2xml v1.7.2 works under macOS 10.12.6 Sierra. I just got it here. Note that you will have to "chmod +x mc2xml" to make it executable.
  2. You sir, are an optimist. I think Geniatech has bailed on the North American market.
  3. But Geniatech takes this issue with great care.😡
  4. Bash shell scripting if/then statements go like this: if [ raining outside ] then <bring umbrella> fi drink coffee Drink coffee is not part of the umbrella if/then decision. Basically, "if" and "fi" bookend the statement. Enquiring minds can find more info here: https://ryanstutorials.net/bash-scripting-tutorial/bash-if-statements.php
  5. I just re-read this. That sounds like a typo in your URL.
  6. What happens if you run the curl command from a Terminal prompt?
  7. Well, it does if you are using the older service (-T flag in mc2xml), but not with the JSON service (-J flag in mc2xml). If you click on "Lineup Support" on the Schedules Direct web site, you'll probably see that you have two lineups (one of which you cannot edit). However, I thought this thread was primarily about xmltvlistings.com
  8. You can also edit your lineup via Schedules Direct's web site (if you are using that service).
  9. You can modify your lineup via the web site (see attached).
  10. As the command is written, the xmltv.xml file will be created in the directory where the command is executed. If you want it to be created in a particular directory, you would specify that. For example: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days > ~/Downloads/xmltv.xml
  11. This command: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days >> xmltv.xml will append the new info to the xmltv.xml file. So, file will get larger and larger. This is probably better: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days > xmltv.xml > redirects output to a file, overwriting the file. >> redirects output to a file appending the redirected output at the end.
  12. I gave it a try, and the command to run (or put in a script) is: curl https://www.xmltvlistings.com/xmltv/get/API Key/LineupID/Days >> xmltv.xml That produces an xmltv file (named xmltv.xml) that EyeTV happily consumed. However, "XML TV Listings" data is much more limited than Schedules Direct, and they only allow 5 connections per day, so that limits my ability to test.
  13. Hmm. Their documentation says "Get listings in XMLTV Format, for a given lineup." It looks like there are three options: get, get_lineups, and get_channels. Are you using "get"? What does the 4MB file look like inside? It should look like the example here: https://www.xmltvlistings.com/help/api/xmltv
  14. It looks to me like there are some unexpected characters in "test2.sh" (hence "/Users/ericphil2/Scripts" becoming "ers/ericphil2/Scripts"). Try switching to the bash shell (At the "[MacPro:~/Scripts] ericphil2%" prompt, enter: bash), then enter each line of the script (at the $ prompt) to see what the issue is. PS: If the rest of the forum would like us to take this private we can.